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Verizon Wireless is one of our most popular carriers. Verizon's reputation as a top cell phone plan provider is perhaps unmatched, though AT&T certainly has come on strong the last 2-3 years. It seems like every time AT&T comes out with a cool new phone, like the iPhone, Verizon has several new smartphones to match. Verizon Wireless has become known for the reliability of its network, expanding to include 4G LTE. The Droid, Droid X, and HTC Thunderbolt are just some of the great new smartphones offered by Verizon.

Recommended Verizon Wireless Merchant, LetsTalk ( Click on the banner to see their selection of Verizon phones)

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Online Vendor Showcase - Smartphone Savings and AT&T Cell Phones from Amazon Wireless

When it comes to online cell phone vendors, Amazon Wireless is a new and emerging player. We find Amazon's wireless site very easy to browse. Phone information is very detailed, and the process for changing phones and providers is very clear. All major cell phone providers are featured, and many of their phones are very inexpensive, including smartphone cell phone specials from AT&T. It is also very easy for an existing customer to find an upgrade cell phone at this site. We recommend Amazon Wireless, especially for AT&T Cell Phones, Family Plans, and Upgrades. They have a great selection of HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry and Droid phones.

**** Amazon Wireless, Highly Recommended

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04/13/11 - Wireless providers offer many ways to shop for cell phones online, including search engines that let you find phones by carrier, phone type, and location.

To browse many cell phones offered by Verizon Wireless,T-Mobile, and Sprint, see:

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AT&T Plans- Note: The "Cell Phone Plans" link above does not show AT&T Wireless phones. For AT&T Cell Phones we recommend the following online vendor:

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At "Cell Phone Plan Providers" we attempt to bring you an unbiased look at multiple wireless carriers including all the major national postpaid traditional carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. We also have an interest in showcasing providers of prepaid pay as you go cell phone services and custom and niche services, depending on your needs. We do link to several online vendors, and we do receive compensation from cell phone orders made on our links. These vendors use tracking cookies and may collect information needed to process a sale. However, the owners of this website do not store any personal information from visitors. Our goal is to offer information so that our visitors can be well informed to make decisions about cell phone services based on their unique needs and circumstances. For example you might be looking for the latest smartphone or maybe you just wants the cheapest basic cell phone you can find. If you need two or more phones you might benefit from a family plan. Many of these cell phone plan providers offer all of these options, including free cell phones and reduced price smartphones when you order online. Online vendors also allow existing customers to upgrade their cell phone with their current provider. Maybe you have an ATT Wireless plan and want a smartphone upgrade. Or perhaps you want to switch to Verizon Wireless or another provider who offers unlimited text messaging and data plans. The choice is yours. Take your number with you or get a new one altogether. The cell phone customer is empowered to make these choices and signup with the carrier that fulfills his wireless needs.


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